Dion Beg

Speaker + Trainer

more than just a speaker


It's been a pleasure to have shared the stage multiple times with Dion. He's a dream to have speaking in front of our audiences and people love him! I wholeheartedly endorsed him to our member board as a trainer where he has now been teaching for several years with continued rave reviews!  

Sandra Rinomato |TV Host | HGTV #1 Shows: Property Virgins and Buy Herself  


Dion has been presenting to our member-base since 2014. In that time, he's spoken to rooms of 500+ people. We keep inviting him back because his presentation skills are engaging and every time he speaks, he leaves our members feeling inspired with actionable advice they can use in the real world.

Rob Vivian | CEO | Rob Vivian Coaching 


We have enjoyed a number of Dion's presentations over the last few years, speaking to groups of 150 to 200 people.  He is a gifted speaker that inspires his audience. I would highly recommend him for any speaking engagement.

Quentin D'Souza | Chief Education Officer | Durham REI 


Dion Beg spoke at a travelling 4-City conference for us in 2018 which were our Emerge Events.Feedback from attendees was very positive regarding Dion’s presentation and message. Most attendees noted that the information had a real impact on their business. We would recommend Dion to speak at any conference and find that he would be a positive addition to any event.

Luigi Favaro |Head of Conferences and Administration |Ontario Real Estate Association


Your presentation on Willpower and how it greatly affects our businesses was a wake up call...... ouch that hurt! At the same time it was a good encouragement to buckle down and get to it. Because of your presentation I joined the Pan Am gym by my house, am trying to eat better, waste less time watching TV, and spend time where it counts on building great relationships with family and friends (AND clients). Thanks for being Awesome and doing what you do. I have benefited mindset-wise and I know I will benefit financially too. 

Jeff K. | Entrepreneur


Out of the 20,000 professionals in his industry, Dion has been ranked in the top 1% in the nation. He attributes his success to implementing the concepts he has learned, developed and teaches.

Dion’s been involved in the world of training and education for 20+ years. This started as a Teaching Assistant at the Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane, Australia. With his degree in International Business and a Specialization in the Japanese language, he worked as a trainer in Tokyo for Canon Inc. in their International Division.

The concept of ‘Your Best Future-Self’ is core to Dion’s training. He provides research-based tools and strategies for his audiences. Beyond that, he inspires them to believe they can implement the information.

Dion’s library is filled with all the books that we know we should read. He has the ability to synthesize information into powerful keynote presentations. Audiences have commented that Dion’s presentations stay with them and positively influence the choices they make in their lives and businesses.